quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2009

Bairro Alto Bar Crawl

Sing to tune of 'Please Mr. Postman':

You're in Lisbon with no knowledge of town.
You're in Lisbon with a bit of a frown.

There's a service that's
offered by us and
You'll see it raises
a bit of a rush and...

So many places in the Bairro Alto,
So many faces just waiting to get known
All sorts of people dancing in the streets
All sorts of people feeling the heat
So if you're looking for a barroom guide then,
Sign up please,
And join us, please come along for the ride, yeah
Most importantly it's a service totally FREE
Kitsch Hostel
Praça dos Restauradores, 65, Lisbon, Portugal
Tel: 00351 213467332 • kitschhostel@yahoo.com



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